High-tech Vinilic Floors.

An high-tech article that is more scratch-resistant and robust than most other floors in the market: Xonic represent the last technical floors generation adapts itself better in the contract sector. Waterproof 100%, High level of dimensional stabilityit provides an impressive combination of the advantages of synthetic material with the aesthetics of parquet flooring: authentic natural wood and Maximum Abrasion resistance in the Utilization Class 34, AC6 + Rating, dust and dirty repellent, Anti-Bacterial Coating, Impressive walking and impact sound insulation, Top click for fast, simple and secure installation. Certified in Class A + non-toxic.

High-tech Mineral Tiles.

An innovative solution suitable to satisfy every technical and beauty requirements of modern comfort, Xtreme is new generation of flooring can be place floating without adhesive and flight: perfect for every interior place. Non-toxic 100% because without pvc and formaldehyde and no VOC, Certificate in CLASSE A +. Antistatic, waterproof, silent acustic and anti-slip, adapt on radiant floor, Xtreme is very durable and does not require expansion joint.

Interior Design Doors.

Handcraft, passion and refinement mark Pivato brand in the wooden interior door sector. SpazioQuadro presents a collection of original doors with a strong italian imprint: a modern and unconventional soul that love anticipate trends. Not simply glass doors, but the emotion of glass transformed in doors Henry Glass: the interior design doors collection with a contemporary nature and minimal design.