If someone looking for us ... that's a motive ...

Are you with us on this way ... or ARE YOU SATISFIED of standard and cheaper goods in low quality, imported without control, without ...
service, no name ... no original certificates ?

Parwood goes a road and many of you have just followed us ...

A clear vision of MADE in ITALY 100% about its product range ... particularly ...
Exclusive selection of italian brand Prefinished floors as Antico Filò de Venetìa and Ideal-legno.
New look for Interior Wooden Doors, Design Interior Doors Glass and Décor Stairs with contemporary style and dynamism.

Armored Safety Doors and Exterior Windows integrate full package of KEYS IN HAND SERVICE.

There is not anything absolutely right or wrong ... It depends by experience, instinct and rational combination.

Serious Architectural Ateliers and Design Studios, Energy Experts and Building Contractors cooperate to find ideas and solutions for your beautifull places.

Wooden & Technical Flooring

Exclusive Prefinished Woodflooring collections of some italian handcraft Brands: Antico Filò de Venetìa and Ideal-Legno ... keeping always the tradition in the technology Made in Italy 100%. Vinyl floor tiles and mineral fiber 100% non-toxic, maximum strength and minimum thickness..

Interior Design Doors

Passion and craftmade Pivato about wooden interior doors. Looking for dynamism, Emotion of design doors glass with a minimal design of Henry Glass doors. A modern and anticonventional new style of SpazioQuadro interiors doors.

Interior Design Stairs

New material, new Shapes and solutions to inspire each decor staircase its personality. Technology and handcraft value under banner of a Contemporary and refined design by CastMade in Italy 100%.

Safety Doors & Windows Frame

Top performances in breaking resistance, thermal and acustic.

Turnkey Solution ...

The turnkey solution slogan has the most important advantage compared with do it yourself: the best planning. This service offers to the customers an efficiently coordination of every single work implementation, starting a project from scratch to completion. If well be done, it presents loss of time and the better control during the works.

Why ?

... because you entrust yourself to only business partner
... because in our show-room you can find the interior solutions and purposes you need
... because the technical controls are supervise in progress together with our expert team
... because Parwood cooperates only with serious and competent professionals
... because we focus on the end user projects and looking for new style places.